C-SIDE scientific goals


c side img 1
 Sea ice in the Southern Ocean. Credit: Pearse Buchanan

The goal of C-SIDE is to assemble a reconstruction of changes in sea-ice extent for the Southern Ocean for the last full glacial cycle, from 130,000 years ago to the present.

The working group will bring together a global community of paleoceanographers with expertise in diatom taxonomy and sea-ice reconstruction, Earth-system modeling, proxies of paleo-productivity, nutrient cycling, and temperature and circulation changes.

This community aims to:

1. Document and synthesize records of sea-ice proxies in the Southern Ocean for the last 130,000 years using diatom assemblage data and complementary proxies of sea-ice changes.

2. Coordinate taxonomic and statistical approaches to establish consistent and comparable representations of sea-ice extent between different regions of the Southern Ocean.

3. Develop regional reconstructions of spatial and temporal changes in sea-ice dynamics as the Earth entered the last glacial period.

4. Compare these reconstructions with contemporaneous regional reconstructions of environmental conditions, with a focus on ocean temperatures, nutrient utilization and productivity, and ocean circulation.

5. Compare these proxy reconstructions with model simulations of sea-ice cover and regional oceanographic dynamics spanning the full glacial-interglacial cycle.