Special issues

Special issues (and all of the articles) emerging from PAGES groups, projects, or meetings. Only special issues acknowleding PAGES or the Working Group are listed.

Special issues emerging from PAGES activities.
Individual articles within the special issues.
Name Author Journal Year Image
Preface: Land Use and Climate Impacts on Fluvial Systems
Special issue articles
Walling D Hydrological Processes 2003
Changes in the fine sediment dynamics of the Ouse and Tweed basins in the UK over the last 100–150 years
Special issue articles
Walling DE, Owens PN, Foster IDL & Lees JA Hydrological Processes 2003
Recent Change of the Global Monsoon Precipitation (1979–2008)
Special issue articles
Wang B, Liu J, Kim H-J, Webster PJ & Yim S-Y Climate Dynamics 2012
Patterns and implications of plant-soil δ13C and δ15N values in African savanna ecosystems
Special issue articles
Wang L, D'Odorico P, Ries L & Macko SA Quaternary Research 2010
Global Monsoon Across Timescales
Special issue articles
Wang P, Wang B & Kiefer T Climate Dynamics 2012
A prolonged dry mid-Holocene climate revealed by pollen and diatom records from Lake Ugii Nuur in central Mongolia
Special issue articles
Wang W, Ma Y, Feng Z, Narantsetseg T, Liu K-B & Zhai X... Quaternary International 2011
The first-order effect of Holocene Northern Peatlands on global carbon cycle dynamics
Special issue articles
Wang Y, Roulet NT, Frolking S, Mysak LA, Liu X & Jin Z... IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science... 2010
Local-scale spatial variability of soil organic carbon and its stock in the hilly area of the Loess Plateau, China
Special issue articles
Wanga Y, Fu B, Lü Y, Song C & Luan Y Quaternary Research 2010
Northern European trees show a progressively diminishing response to increasing atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations
Special issue articles
Waterhouse JS, Switsur VR, Barker AC, Carter AHC, Hemming DL, Loader NJ & Robertson I... Quaternary Science Reviews 2004
Holocene tephrochronology of the Hualaihue region (Andean southern volcanic zone, ∼42° S), southern Chile
Special issue articles
Watt SFL, Pyle DM, Naranjo JA, Rosqvist G, Mella M, Mather TA & Moreno H... Quaternary International 2011
Evaluation of the sea ice proxy IP25 against observational and diatom proxy data in the SW Labrador Sea
Special issue articles
Weckström K, Massé G, Collins LG, Hanhijärvi S, Bouloubassi I, Sicre M-A, Seidenkrantz M-S, Schmidt ... Quaternary Science Reviews 2013
The socio-environmental history of the Peloponnese during the Holocene: Towards an integrated understanding of the past
Special issue articles
Weiberg E, Unkel I, Kouli K, Holmgren K, Avramidis P, Bonnier A, Dibble F, Finné M, Izdebski A, Katr... Quaternary Science Reviews 2016
Possible role of the “Holocene Event 3” on the collapse of Neolithic Cultures around the Central Plain of China
Special issue articles
Wenxiang W & Tungsheng L Quaternary International 2004
Use of multi-proxy flood records to improve estimates of flood risk: Lower River Tay, Scotland
Special issue articles
Werritty A, Paine JL, Macdonald N, Rowan JS & McEwen LJ... CATENA 2006
Lead isotope ratios of volcanic glass by laser ablation inductively-coupled plasma mass spectrometry: Application to Miocene tephra beds in Montana, USA and adjacent areas
Special issue articles
Westgate JA, Pearce NJG, Perkins WT, Shane PA & Preece SJ... Quaternary International 2011