Climate, Human, and Natural Systems of the PEP II Transect

Eds: Dodson JR, Taylor D, Ono Y & Wang P

Quaternary International, vol. 118-119, 1-204, 2004

This is the synthesis special issue of PAGES PEP II (Pole-Equator-Pole transect through Australasia), a former working group within the broader framework of the PANASH — Palaeoclimates of the Northern and Southern Hemispheres initiative.

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> Climate, human, and natural systems of the PEP II transect [p.3]
Oldfield F & Alverson K

> Southern migration of westerlies in the Northern Hemisphere PEP II transect during the Last Glacial Maximum [p.13]
Ono Y & Irino T

> The Southern Hemisphere westerlies in the Australasian sector over the last glacial cycle: a synthesis [p.23]
Shulmeister J, Goodwin I, Renwick J, Harle K, Armand L, McGlone MS, Cook E, Dodson J, Hesse PP, Mayewski P & Curran M

> Timings and causes of glacial advances across the PEP-II transect (East-Asia to Antarctica) during the last glaciation cycle [p.55]
Ono Y, Shulmeister J, Lehmkuhl F, Asahi K & Aoki

> The evolution of dry lands in northern China and in the Republic of Mongolia since the Last Glacial Maximum [p.69]
Yang X, Rost KT, Lehmkuhl F, Zhenda Z & Dodson J

> Late Quaternary climates of the Australian arid zone: a review [p.87]
Hesse PP, Magee JW & van der Kaars S

> History of vegetation and habitat change in the Austral-Asian region [p.103]
Hope G, Kershaw AP, van der Kaars S, Xiangjun S, Liew P-M, Heusser LE, Takahara H, McGlone M, Miyoshi N & Moss PT

> Post-glacial evolution of the Indo-Pacific Warm Pool and El Niño-Southern oscillation [p.127]
Gagan MK, Hendy EJ, Haberle SG & Hantoro WS

> Populating PEP II: the dispersal of humans and agriculture through Austral-Asia and Oceania [p.145]
Bird MI, Hope G & Taylor D

> Climates of change: human dimensions of Holocene environmental change in low latitudes of the PEPII transect [p.165]
Haberle SG & David B

> Interactions of natural hazards and society in Austral-Asia: evidence in past and recent records [p.181]
Sidle RC, D. Taylor, Lu XX, Adger WN, Lowe DJ, de Lange WP, Newnham RM & Dodson JR

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