Mediterranean Holocene Climate, Environment and Human Societies

Eds: Gogou A, Izdebski A & Holmgren K

Quaternary Science Reviews, vol. 136, 1-252, 2016

This special issue emerged as a result of a workshop at Costa Navarino and the Navarino Environmental Observatory (NEO), Greece, in April 2014, which addressed Mediterranean Holocene climate and human societies. The workshop was co-sponsored by IGBP/PAGES.

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> Mediterranean Holocene climate, environment and human societies [p.1]
Holmgren K, Gogou A, Izdebski A, Luterbacher J, Sicre M-A & Xoplaki E

> Realising consilience: How better communication between archaeologists, historians and natural scientists can transform the study of past climate change in the Mediterranean [p.5]
Izdebski A, Holmgren K, Weiberg E, Stocker SR, Büntgen U, Florenzano A, Gogou A, Leroy SAG, Luterbacher J, Martrat B, Masi A, Mercuri AM, Montagna P, Sadori, Schneider A, Sicre MA, Triantaphyllou M & Xoplaki E

> Evidence of resilience to past climate change in Southwest Asia: Early farming communities and the 9.2 and 8.2 ka events [p.23]
Floh P, Fleitmann D, Matthews R, Matthews W & Black S

> The socio-environmental history of the Peloponnese during the Holocene: Towards an integrated understanding of the past [p.40]
Weiberg E, Unkel I, Kouli K, Holmgren K, Avramidis P, Bonnier A, Dibble F, Finné M, Izdebski A, Katrantsiotis C, Stocker SD, Andwinge M, Baika K, Boyd M & Heymann C

> A fluvial record of the mid-Holocene rapid climatic changes in the middle Rhone valley (Espeluche-Lalo, France) and of their impact on Late Mesolithic and Early Neolithic societies [p.66]
Berger J-F, Delhon C, Magnin F, Bonté S, Peyric D, Thiébault S, Guilbert R & Beeching A

> Holocene evolution of Lake Shkodra: Multidisciplinary evidence for diachronic landscape change in northern Albania [p.85]
Mazzini I, Gliozzi E, Galaty M, Bejko L, Sadori L, Soulié-Märsche I, Koçi R, Van Welden A & Bushati S

> Climatic changes and social transformations in the Near East and North Africa during the ‘long’ 4th millennium BC: A comparative study of environmental and archaeological evidence [p.96]
Clarke J, Brooks N, Banning EB, Bar-Matthews M, Campbell S, Clare L, Cremaschi M, di Lernia S, Drake N, Gallinaro M, Manning S, Nicoll K, Philip G, Rosen S, Schoop U-D, Tafuri MA, Weninger B & Zerboni A

> Comparative modeling of Bronze Age land use in the Malatya Plain (Turkey) [p.122]
Arikan B, Balossi Restelli F & Masi A

> Human–climate interactions in the central Mediterranean region during the last millennia: The laminated record of Lake Butrint (Albania) [p.134]
Morellón M, Anselmetti FS, Ariztegui D, Brushulli B, Sinopoli G, Wagner B, Sadori L, Gilli A & Pambuku A

> Climate change versus land management in the Po Plain (Northern Italy) during the Bronze Age: New insights from the VP/VG sequence of the Terramara Santa Rosa di Poviglio [p.153]
Cremaschi M, Mercuri AM, Torri P, Florenzano A, Pizzi C, Marchesini M & Zerboni A

> Climate, environment and society in southern Italy during the last 2000 years. A review of the environmental, historical and archaeological evidence [p.173]
Sadori L, Giraudi C, Masi A, Magny M, Ortu E, Zanchetta G & Izdebski A

> The environmental, archaeological and historical evidence for regional climatic changes and their societal impacts in the Eastern Mediterranean in Late Antiquity [p.189]
Izdebski A, Pickett J, Roberts N & Waliszewski T

> Climate variability and socio-environmental changes in the northern Aegean (NE Mediterranean) during the last 1500 years [p.209]
Gogou A, Triantaphyllou M, Xoplaki E, Izdebski A, Parinos C, Dimiza M, Bouloubassi I, Luterbacher J, Kouli K, Martrat B, Toreti A, Fleitmann D, Rousakis G, Kaberi H, Athanasiou M & Lykousis V

> The Medieval Climate Anomaly and Byzantium: A review of the evidence on climatic fluctuations, economic performance and societal change [p.229]
Xoplaki E, Fleitmann D, Luterbacher J, Wagner S, Haldon JF, Zorita E, Telelis I, Toreti A & Izdebski A


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