Past Hydrological Events Related to Understanding Global Change

Eds: Gregory KJ, Macklin MG & Walling DE

CATENA, vol. 66(1-2), 1-188, 2006

This study is a contribution by the PAGES LUCIFS Working Group.

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> Preface [p.1]
Gregory KJ

> Past hydrological events related to understanding global change: An ICSU research project [p.2]
Gregory KJ, Benito G, Dikau R, Golosov V, Jones AJJ, Macklin MG, Parsons AJ, Passmore DG, Poesen J, Starkel L & Walling DE

> The development and application of a database of radiocarbon-dated Holocene fluvial deposits in Great Britain [p.14]
Johnstone E, Macklin MG & Lewin J

> Past hydrological events reflected in Holocene history of Polish rivers [p.24]
Starkel L, Soja R & Michczyńska DJ

> Late Holocene fluvial chronology of Spain: The role of climatic variability and human impact [p.34]
Thorndycraft VR & Benito G

> Land use and climatic impacts on the Rhine system (RheinLUCIFS): Quantifying sediment fluxes and human impact with available data [p.42]
Houben P, Hoffmann T, Zimmermann A & Dikau R

> Palaeohydrology of the Seim River basin, Mid-Russian Upland, based on palaeochannel morphology and palynological data [p.53]
Borisova O, Sidorchuk A & Panin A

> Century-scale stream network dynamics in the Russian Plain in response to climate and land use change [p.74]
Golosov V & Panin A

> Degrees of separation: Hillslope-channel coupling and the limits of palaeohydrological reconstruction [p.93]
Wainwright J

> Use of multi-proxy flood records to improve estimates of flood risk: Lower River Tay, Scotland [p.107]
Werritty A, Paine JL, Macdonald N, Rowan JS & McEwen LJ

> Reconstructing extreme flows using an airflow index-based stochastic weather generator and a hydrological simulation model [p.120]
Mountain NC & Jones JAA

> Chemistry and late Quaternary evolution of ground and surface waters in the area of Yabulai Mountains, western Inner Mongolia, China [p.135]
Yang X

> Past hydrological events reflected in the Holocene fluvial record of Europe [p.145]
Macklin MG, Benito G, Gregory KJ, Johnstone E, Lewin J, Michczyńska DJ, Soja R, Starkel L & Thorndycraft V

> Terminal Pleistocene braided to meandering transition in rivers of the Southeastern USA [p.155]
Leigh DS

> Palaeoflood hydrology in a global context [p.161]
Baker VR

> The application of palaeohydrology in river management [p.169]
Sear DA & Arnell NW

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