Enhancing Tephrochronology and its Application (INTREPID Project): Hiroshi Machida Commemorative Volume

Eds: David J. Lowe, Hiroshi Moriwaki, Siwan M. Davies, Takehiko Suzuki and Nicholas J.G. Pearce

Quaternary International, vol. 246(1-2), 1-396, 2011

This special issue emerged from a PAGES supported workshop - the “International Field Conference on Tephrochronology, Volcanism, and Human Activity” held in Kirishima, Kagoshima Prefecture, southern Kyushu, Japan, from 9 to 17 May, 2010.

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> Enhancing tephrochronology and its application (INTREPID project): Hiroshi Machida commemorative volume [p.1]
Lowe DJ, Davies SM, Moriwaki H, Pearce NJG & Suzuki T

> The INTAV intercomparison of electron-beam microanalysis of glass by tephrochronology laboratories: Results and recommendations [p.19]
Kuehn SC, Froese DG, Shane PAR & INTAV Intercomparison Participants

> Characterization and correlation of cryptotephras using major-element analyses of melt inclusions preserved in quartz in last interglacial marine sediments, southeastern Shikoku, Japan [p.48]
Matsu’ura T, Uenob T & Furusawa A

> Trace-element microanalysis by LA-ICP-MS: The quest for comprehensive chemical characterisation of single, sub-10 μm volcanic glass shards [p.57]
Nicholas J.G. Pearce, Perkins WT, Westgate JA & Wade SC

> Lead isotope ratios of volcanic glass by laser ablation inductively-coupled plasma mass spectrometry: Application to Miocene tephra beds in Montana, USA and adjacent areas [p.82]
Westgate JA, Pearce NJG, Perkins WT, Shane PA & Preece SJ

> Geochemical fingerprinting of the widespread Toba tephra using biotite compositions [p.97]
Smith VC, Pearce NJG, Matthews NE, Westgate JA, Petraglia MD, Haslam M, Lane CS, Korisettar R & Pal JN

> Correlation of Middle Pleistocene crystal-rich tephra layers from Daisen Volcano, southwest Japan, based on the chemical composition and refractive index of mafic minerals [p.105]
Kotaki A, Katoh S & Kitani K

> ESR dating of tephra with dose recovery test for impurity centers in quartz [p.118]
Asagoea M, Toyoda S, Voinchet P, Falguères C, Tissoux H, Suzuki T & Banerjee D

> Scale in tephrostratigraphic correlation: An example from Turkish Pleistocene archaeological sites [p.124]
Tryon CA, Kuhn SL, Slimak L, Logan MAV & Balkan-Atlı N

> A Laacher See-eruption supplement to Tephrabase: Investigating distal tephra fallout dynamics [p.134]
Riede F, Bazely O, Newton AJ & Lane CS

> Tephrochronology and absolute centennial scale synchronisation of European and Greenland records for the last glacial to interglacial transition: A case study of Soppensee and NGRIP [p.145]
Lane CS, Blockley SPE, Ramsey CB & Lotte AF

> Tephra horizons contemporary with short early Holocene climate fluctuations: New results from the Faroe Islands [p.157]
Lind EM & Wastegård S

> Identification of the Icelandic Landnám tephra (AD 871 ± 2) in Scottish fjordic sediment [p.168]
Cage AG, Davies SM, Wastegård S & Austin WEN

> Identification of cryptotephra horizons in a North East Atlantic marine record spanning marine isotope stages 4 and 5a (∼60,000–82,000 a b2k) [p.177]
Abbott PM, Davies SM, Austin WEN, Pearce NJG & Hibbert F

> Chronology and processes of fluvial terrace formation in northeastern Kinki district, southwest Japan, based on cryptotephra analysis [p.190]
Ishimura D & Kakiuchi J

> Sakurajima-Satsuma (Sz-S) and Noike-Yumugi (N-Ym) tephras: New tephrochronological marker beds for the last deglaciation, southern Kyushu, Japan [p.203]
Moriwaki H, Suzuki T, Murata M, Ikehara M, Machida H & Lowe DJ

> Paleoceanographic control on a large marine reservoir effect offshore of Tokai, south of Japan, NW Pacific, during the last glacial maximum-deglaciation [p.213]
Ikehara K, Danhara T, Yamashita T, Tanahashi M, Morita S & Ohkushi Ki

> Revised stratigraphy of Holocene tephras on Ulleung Island, South Korea, and possible correlatives for the U-Oki tephra [p.222]
Shiihara M, Torii M, Okuno M, Domitsu H, Nakamura T, Kim K-H, Moriwaki H & Oda M

> Late Pleistocene buried humic soils within a tephra-soil sequence near Unzen volcano, Kyushu, Japan [p.233]
Inoue Y, Nagaoka S & Sugiyama S

> 90,000-year phytolith record from tephra section at the northeastern rim of Aso caldera, Japan [p.239]
Miyabuchi Y & Sugiyama S

> Identification of Lower Pleistocene tephras under Tokyo and reconstruction of Quaternary crustal movements, Kanto Tectonic Basin, central Japan [p.247]
Suzuki T, Obara M, Aoki T, Murata M, Kawashima S, Kawai M, Nakayama T & Tokizane K

> Tephrochronology and eruptive history of Kirishima volcano in southern Japan [p.260]
Nagaoka S & Okuno M

> Widespread tephras in sediments from lake Ichi-no-Megata in northern Japan: Their description, correlation and significance [p.270]
Okuno M, Torii M, Yamada K, Shinozuka Y, Danhara T, Gotanda K, Yonenobu H & Yasuda Y

> Tephrostratigraphy and petrological study of Chikurachki and Fuss volcanoes, western Paramushir Island, northern Kurile Islands: Evaluation of Holocene eruptive activity and temporal change of magma system [p.278]
Takeshi Hasegawa, Mitsuhiro Nakagawa, Mitsuhiro Yoshimoto, Yoshihiro Ishizuka, Wataru Hirose, Sho-ichi Seki, Vera Ponomareva, Rybin Alexander

> Tephrochronological investigation at Dvuh-yurtochnoe lake area, Kamchatka: Numerous landslides and lake tsunami, and their environmental impacts [p.298]
Dirksena O, van den Bogaard C, Danhara T & Diekmann B

> The variegated (VT) tephra: A new regional marker for middle to late marine isotope stage 5 across Yukon and Alaska [p.312]
Jensen BJL, Preece SJ, Lamothe M, Pearce NJG, Froese DG, Westgate JA, Schaefer J & Begét J

> Holocene tephrochronology of the Hualaihue region (Andean southern volcanic zone, ∼42° S), southern Chile [p.324]
Watt SFL, Pyle DM, Naranjo JA, Rosqvist G, Mella M, Mather TA & Moreno H

> Distal occurrence of mid-Holocene Whakatane Tephra on the Chatham Islands, New Zealand, and potential for cryptotephra studies [p.344]
Holt KA, Lowe DJ, Hogg AG & Wallace RC

> Unravelling a complex volcanic history from fine-grained, intricate Holocene ash sequences at the Tongariro Volcanic Centre, New Zealand [p.352]
Moebis A, Cronin SJ, Neall VE & Smith IE

> Integrating records of explosive and effusive activity from proximal and distal sequences: Mt. Taranaki, New Zealand [p.364]
Turner MB, Cronin SJ, Bebbington MS, Smith IEM & Stewart RB

> Correlation of basaltic tephra from Mt Wellington volcano: Implications for the penultimate eruption from the Auckland Volcanic Field [p.374]
Shane P & Zawalna-Geer A

> The Upper Paleolithic nature of the Châtelperronian in South-Western France: Archeostratigraphic and lithic evidence [p.382]
Bordes JG & Teyssandier M

> The Irosin co-ignimbrite ash-fall deposit: A widespread tephra marker in the Bicol arc, south Luzon, Philippines [p.389]
Mirabueno MHT, Okuno M, Torii M, Danhara T, Laguerta EP, Newhall CG & Kobayashi T


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