Ecological Effects of Reduced Nutrient Loading (Oligotrophication) on Lakes

Eds: Anderson NJ, Jeppesen E & Søndergaard M

Freshwater Biology, vol. 50(10), 1589–1780, 2005

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> Ecological effects of reduced nutrient loading (oligotrophication) on lakes: an introduction [p.1589]
Anderson NJ, Jeppesen E & Søndergaard M

> Do phytoplankton communities correctly track trophic changes? An assessment using directly measured and palaeolimnological data [p.1594]
Dokulil MT & Teubner K

> Seasonal response of nutrients to reduced phosphorus loading in 12 Danish lakes [p.1605]
Søndergaard M, Jensen JP & Jeppesen E

> Response of fish and plankton to nutrient loading reduction in eight shallow Danish lakes with special emphasis on seasonal dynamics [p.1616]
Jeppesen E, Jensen JP, Søndergaard M & Lauridsen TL

> The recovery of a very shallow eutrophic lake, 20 years after the control of effluent derived phosphorus [p.1628]
Phillips G, Kelly A, Pitt J-A, Sanderson R & Taylor E

> Long-term response of a shallow, moderately flushed lake to reduced external phosphorus and nitrogen loading [p.1639]
Köhler J, Hilt S, Adrian R, Nicklisch A, Kozerski HP & Walz N

> A comparison of diatom phosphorus transfer functions and export coefficient models as tools for reconstructing lake nutrient histories [p.1651]
Bennion H, Johnes P, Ferrier R, Phillips G & Haworth E

> A 250 year comparison of historical, macrofossil and pollen records of aquatic plants in a shallow lake [p. 1671]
Davidson TA, Sayer CD, Bennion H, David C, Rose N & Wade MP

> Consequences of reduced nutrient loading on a lake system in a lowland catchment: deviations from the norm? [p. 1687]
Moss B, Barker T, Stephen D, Williams AE, Balayla DJ, Beklioglou M & Carvalho L

> Response of a shallow Mediterranean lake to nutrient diversion: does it follow similar patterns as in northern shallow lakes? [p.1706]
Romo S, Villena M-J, Sahuquillo M, Soria JM, Gimenez M, Alfonso T, Vicente E & Miracle MR

> Response of a eutrophic, shallow subtropical lake to reduced nutrient loading [p. 1718]
Coveney MF, Lowe EF, Battoe LE, Marzolf ER & Conrow

> Phosphorus decrease and climate variability: mediators of synchrony in phytoplankton changes among European peri-alpine lakes [p. 1731]
Anneville O, Gammeter S & Straile D

> Lake responses to reduced nutrient loading – an analysis of contemporary long-term data from 35 case studies [p.1747]
Jeppesen E, Søndergaard M, Jensen JP, Havens KE, Anneville O, Carvalho L, Coveney MF, Deneke R, Dokulil MT, Foy B, Gerdeaux D, Hampton SE, Hilt S, Kangur K, Köhler J, Lammens EHHR, Lauridsen TL, Manca M, Miracle MR, Moss B, Nöges P, Persson G, Phillips G, Portielje R, Romo S, Schelske CL, Straile D, Tatrai I, Willen E & Winder M

> Combining palaeolimnological and limnological approaches in assessing lake ecosystem response to nutrient reduction [p.1772]
Batterbee RW, Anderson NJ, Jeppesen E & Leavitt PR

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