West African Paleoecology and Human Responses: West African Quaternary Research Association (WAQUA)

Eds: Izuchukwu M. Akaegbobi

Quaternary International, vol. 262, 1-88, 2012

This is a WAQUA special issue that emerged from a PAGES co-sponsored workshop in Ibadan, Nigeria in October, 2009.

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> West African paleoecology and human responses: West African Quaternary Research Association (WAQUA) [p.1]
Akaegbobi IM

> Holocene human occupation of the eastern Nigerian scarp lands: An impact assessment study [p.2]
Umeji OP, Ibeanu AM & Agwu COC

> Sedimentological and Palyno-environmental appraisal of the late quaternary sediments, north-eastern Bornu Basin [p.14]
Boboye OA & IM Akaegbobi

> Holocene pollen deposits and recent vegetation distribution of Obayi Lake, Nsukka [p.20]
Njokuocha RC

> Estimation of suspended sediment transport in the Kebir drainage basin, Algeria [p.25]
Khanchoul K, Boukhrissa ZEA & Abdelhak Acidi RA

> Neogene/Quaternary boundary in the coastal basin of Togo [p.32]
Costa PYDD, Tairou MS, Johnson AKC & Affaton P

> Extreme rainfall years in Benin (West Africa) [p.39]
Yabi I & Afouda F

> Recent environmental changes and human impact since mid-20th century in Mediterranean lakes: Ifrah, Iffer and Afourgagh, Middle Atlas Morocco [p.44]
Damnati B, Etebaai I, Reddad H, Benhardouz H, Benhardouz O, Miche H & Taieb M

> Decoding last interglacial sea-level variations in the western Mediterranean using speleothem encrustations from coastal caves in Mallorca and Sardinia: A field data -- model comparison [p.56]
Tuccimei P, Onac BP, Dorale JA, Ginés J, Fornós JJ, Ginés A, Spada G, Ruggieri G & Mucedda M

> MIS 5a and MIS 3 relatively high sea-level stands on the Hatay–Samandağ Coast, Eastern Mediterranean, Turkey [p.65]
Doğan U, Koçyiğit A, Varol B, Özer İ, Molodkov A & Zöhra E


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