29 (1): 30 years of PAGES: Past - Present - Future

Eds: Fischer H, Fritz S, Evans MN & Eggleston S

Past Global Changes Magazine, vol. 29(1), 1-60, 2021


Number of pages: 60

This issue of Past Global Changes Magazine celebrates the 30th anniversary of the PAGES project. Since its formation in 1991, PAGES has been at the forefront of paleoscience research. Here we present both a retrospective look at the past 30 years, and also look to the future in the special section led by the PAGES Early-Career Network.

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> For she's a jolly good fellow: Happy Birthday, PAGES! [p.3]
Hubertus Fischer, S. Fritz and M.N. Evans

Science Highlights

> A 30-year multi-proxy reconstruction of PAGES' history [p.4-6]
Thorsten Kiefer and Marie-France Loutre

> Past Global Changes: 30 years of paleoscience to help save the planet [p.7-9]
Hubertus Fischer, S. Fritz and A. Mix

> Looking forward [p.10-12]
Michael N. Evans, W. Tinner, Z. Jian, B. Vannière, S. Eggleston and M.-F. Loutre

> SynTRACE-21: Synthesis of Transient Climate Evolution of the last 21,000 years [p.13-15]
Zhengyu Liu, B.L. Otto-Bliesner, P.U. Clark, J. Lynch-Stieglitz and J.M. Russell

> Global climate goes regional, and vice versa: Reflecting on 14 years of the PAGES 2k Network [p.16-17]
Nerilie Abram, D. Kaufman, H. McGregor, B. Martrat, O. Bothe and H. Linderholm

> PALSEA: 13 years of ice-sheet and sea-level science [p.18-20]
Alessio Rovere and Andrea Dutton

> Fabulous interglacials: A timeline of the PIGS and QUIGS working groups [p.21-23]
Chronis Tzedakis, L. Menviel, E. Capron, B.L. Otto-Bliesner, J.F. McManus, D. Raynaud and E. Wolff

> Fire history of an inhabited Earth: Experiences from the PAGES Global Paleofire Working Group [p.24-26]
Boris Vannière, D. Colombaroli and M.J. Power

> Obituary: Govind Ballabh Pant (1945–2020) [p.27]
Rupa Kumar Kolli

> Memories ... [p.28-29]
Anne-Christine Clottu Vogel, S. Colman, M.-F. Loutre, M.N. Evans, H. Wanner, P. Francus, T. Meloth, L. von Gunten and A. Maldonado Castro

> Former co-chairs reminisce about their tenure [p.30-32]
Bob Wasson, T. Pedersen, J. Brigham-Grette, H. Wanner, H. Fischer and S. Fritz

Special section: The future of past global change research


> Highlighting the future of past global change research [p.33]
Stella J. Alexandroff, A. Bonk, M.J. Mette and T. Trofimova

Science Highlights

> Pliocene sea level revisited: Is there more than meets the eye? [p.34-35]
Georgia R. Grant and Tim R. Naish

> Exploring novel ice-core proxies for paleoclimate reconstruction in the sub-Antarctic [p.36-37]
Amy C.F. King and Dieter R. Tetzner

> Long-term peatland dynamics and effects of peatland-mediated feedbacks on the climate system [p.38-39]
Nitin Chaudhary

> The enigma and complexity of landscape dynamics in Chinese deserts: From case studies to big data [p.40-41]
Peng Liang, H. Li, Y. Zhou, X. Fu, L. Mackenzie and D. Zhang

> Human activities disturb lake sediment records of past flood frequencies [p.42-43]
William Rapuc, P. Sabatier and F. Arnaud

> Climate and environmental changes in the Mt. Kenya region [p.44-45]
Christine A. Omuombo

> A window into the Anthropocene through lake-sediment records in central Chile [p.46-47]
Magdalena Fuentealba, C. Latorre, M. Frugone-Álvarez, P. Sarricolea and B. Valero-Garcés

> Archives of the El Niño-Southern Oscillation: A coral point of view [p.48-49]
Allison E. Lawman, J.W. Partin and S.G. Dee

> Data-based evaluation of paleoclimate records from the terrestrial Indian region: Opportunities and gaps [p.50-51]
Nikita Kaushal, Y. Kulkarni, P. Srivastava, S. Rawat and S. Managave

> An approach to collaboration through horizon scanning in the field of sclerochronology [p.52-53]
Madelyn J. Mette, T. Trofimova, S.J. Alexandroff and E. Tray

Program News

> DiverseK – Integrating diverse knowledge systems for environmental policy [p.54]
> Exploring past human impacts over time and space [p.55]

Workshop Reports

> Glacial terminations: Processes and feedbacks [p.56]
> PMIP2020 Conference [p.57]
> Virtual Past Socio-Environmental Systems: An interdisciplinary ECR workshop [p.58]


> Towards increased interoperability of paleoenvironmental observation data [p.59] 

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