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Publications resulting from PAGES activities over the last months are too numerous to be mentioned individually here, but you can browse them in our products database on the PAGES website. Nevertheless, three PAGES working groups (WGs) produced oeuvres in the form of special issues that deserve highlighting: The PALSEA WG published a special issue in Earth and Planetary Science Letters, the Global Monsoon WG in Climate Dynamics, and the LOTRED South America WG in Climate of the Past. All are listed and linked in the PAGES product database.

The Goa meetings

Anticipation is mounting about the rapidly approaching 4th PAGES Open Science Meeting (OSM) and 2nd Young Scientists Meeting (YSM), which will be held in February 2013 in Goa, India. The OSM will not only be a forum for the exchange of latest research results, but also one for open discussions on the best way forward for our research field, particularly in the context of changing scientific boundary conditions as envisioned by the Future Earth process (see page 89). The scientific OSM program will have plenary, parallel, and poster sessions and a public lecture. The 588 accepted OSM abstracts are an indication that we can look forward to a most lively event. Although abstract submission is closed, registration will remain open until the event itself for the more spontaneous attendees. The two days prior to the OSM will be all about the next generation of paleoscientists. During the YSM, 80+ competitively selected participants will talk science, train their professional skills, and forge connections across disciplinary and regional boundaries.

Staff updates

Saadia Iqbal has joined the PAGES International Project Office (IPO), replacing Anand Chandrasekhar as the new PAGES Project and Communications Officer. Saadia, a US citizen, has a background as a writer and editor. Before joining PAGES she worked, among other places, at the World Bank and National Geographic Magazine. We welcome Saadia to PAGES and are looking forward to working with her!

Guest scientists

Two early-career researchers, Emma Stone and Emilie Capron, spent two months this fall at the PAGES IPO to guest-edit the upcoming PAGES newsletter issue. The issue was initiated by the European project Past4Future and will focus on interglacial climate, specifically the last interglacial and the Holocene. Emma, a postdoc at the School of Geographical Sciences at the University of Bristol, UK, studies the climate of past warm periods using climate models of varying complexity. Emilie, a postdoc at the British Antarctic Survey, UK, is an ice core scientist studying the past evolution of firns and the temporal evolution of the last interglacial climate in polar and sub-polar regions. The guest-editing by the two young researchers was intended to add to their professional skill set. They indeed learned fast and well and the product is something to look forward to. Their newsletter issue will come out in early 2013.

If you are also interested in spending time as a guest scientist at the PAGES office to work in a focused way on PAGES-related work for a period of a few days to several months, get in touch and send us your application. Find detailed information on the website under My PAGES > Get involved.

SSC nominations

Earlier in the year than usual, PAGES is inviting nominations of scientists to serve on its Scientific Steering Committee (SSC). The SSC is the body responsible for overseeing PAGES activities. Scientists who serve on the SSC normally do so initially for a period of three years, with potential for renewal for an additional term. Up to three new members who can contribute to a committee that is balanced in terms of expertise, geography, and gender are sought to join in 2014. The deadline for sending in nominations is 10 January 2013, so as to be in time for discussion at the SSC meeting directly following the Open Science Meeting. Please refer to the PAGES website for nomination guidelines (My PAGES > Get Involved).

Meeting support

The next deadline for applying for PAGES meeting support is 10 January 2013, for evaluation by the PAGES SSC in mid-February. Support can be sought for workshop-style meetings relevant to PAGES Foci and Cross Cutting Themes. The three meeting categories eligible include PAGES Working Group workshops, an open call for other PAGES-relevant workshops, and one for educational meetings. Application guidelines and online forms can be found on the PAGES website (My PAGES > Meeting Support).

Next newsletter issues

The next two issues of PAGESnews will showcase special sections on the last two interglacials and on ENSO, respectively. While the interglacial issue is closed, suitable articles on ENSO may still be included. Contact Pascal Braconnot (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) before 31 December 2012. As always, you are invited to submit Science Highlights, Program News, and Workshop Reports for the Open Section of PAGESnews. Find author guidelines on the PAGES website

(My PAGES > Newsletter).

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