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Celebrating 20 years

In this issue we celebrate 20 years of PAGES news. You can read our paleobibliographic analysis on the next page, and take a trip back in time and enjoy the first ever copy of PAGES news from 1993. A reprint is included in this issue as an insert (it was much smaller then). 

Communications update

PAGES has now joined the Twitter-sphere. Follow us to get all the latest news:

@PAGES_IPO. You can also subscribe to our new YouTube channel: Past Global Changes, and of course, we’ve still got the Facebook fan page: PAGES Past Global Changes.

Staff update

Welcome to our two new staff members: Nicole Wegmüller (Finance and Office Manager) and Leonie Goodwin (Communications and Project Officer).


The Open Science and Young Scientists Meetings continue to resonate. We recently uploaded videos of seven plenary talks with the accompanying PowerPoint slides and some short video montages to our YouTube channel: Past Global Changes. You can also read reports on the YSM activities written by the participants, starting on page 89.

PAGES umbrella programs

The transformation of the landscape of Global Environmental Change programs is taking shape. The new Future Earth program has now established a Scientific Committee and an Interim Secretariat with an Interim Director. You can check the names of the personnel on the Future Earth website ( and keep informed via their media, including a newsletter and a blog. Our current umbrella program IGBP has decided to sunset by the end of 2015. The PAGES SSC has decided that over the next two years PAGES should join the Future Earth network, while at the same time continuing to collaborate with other organizations. 

IGBP Scientific Committee in Bern

In April, PAGES, together with ProClim and the Oeschger Centre, hosted the IGBP Scientific Committee Meeting in Bern. IGBP SC members came together from around the globe to discuss potential synthesis projects, IGBP’s legacy and how best to transition into the new integrated Future Earth super-program in the coming years. 

Support for meetings

During its meeting in June, the PAGES SSC granted support for a total of ten scientific and educational meetings. The next deadline for applying for PAGES meeting support is 20 September 2013. Support can be sought for workshop-style meetings relevant to PAGES Foci and Cross-Cutting Themes. The three eligible categories are PAGES Working Group meetings, workshops with a training or education focus, and an open call for other workshops that are relevant to PAGES science. Application guidelines and forms can be found on the PAGES website > My PAGES > Meeting Support.

Guest scientists

We are pleased to welcome two guest scientists to the PAGES office this summer: Gisela Winckler from the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, US and Bernd Zolitschka from the University of Bremen, Germany. Among other things, they are working alongside PAGES staff to edit upcoming editions of PAGES news. You can learn more about our Guest Scientists and the work they are doing on the PAGES website > People > Guest Scientists.

Introducing the new mini section

We hope you enjoy our first Science Highlights mini section; in this issue it focuses on Data Assimilation. The new mini section format will feature 4-5 articles focusing on a specific topic, and might appear more regularly in future issues depending on demand.

Upcoming newsletters

The next two issues of PAGES news will focus on dust and on annual recorders of the past. While the dust issue is already closed, suitable articles for the annual recorders issue are still welcome. Contributions should explore the question of how natural archives with annual resolution are approaching the temporal resolution of instrumental records. Submissions should be discussed with Bernd Zolitschka (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) and be submitted before the 15th of September. As always, you are invited to submit Science Highlights, Program News, and Workshop Reports for the Open Section of PAGES news. Author guidelines can be found on the PAGES website > My PAGES > Newsletter.


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