6 (2): Paleodata

Eds: Oldfield F & Alverson K

PAGES news, vol. 6(2), 1-16, 1998


This issue has a special focus on data, one of the key “fuels” of PAGES research and an important and ever-increasing future legacy of the IGBP. Contributions are included that illustrate a range of data efforts in different parts of the world.

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Individual Newsletter Articles


> The Responsibilities of Data Sharing and Data Use [p.1-2]
The PAGES Scientific Steering Committee

Science Highlights

> Review of the Greenland Summit Ice Cores CD-ROM [p.2]
I. Renfrew

> The Paleoenvironmental Database of China (PDC) [p.3]
Q. Xiaoguang

> What’s New at the World Data Center for Paleoclimatology [p.4]
D.M. Anderson and B.A. Bauer

> The IMAGES Database [p.5]
S. de Rijk, L. Labeyrie and D.M. Anderson

> A PEP III Multi-Proxy Database for Managing and Analyzing Paleoenvironmental Data [p.6]
S. Juggins

> PKDB - the International Paleoclimate Database [p.7]
I. Lentner

Program News

> Joint PAGES-LOICZ Initiative on Late Holocene Sea-Level and Climate Change [p.8]
> Spain: Paleoclimatology of the Last 18,000 Years [p.8]
> PAGES–CLIVAR Intersection [p.9]
> PEP III News [p.9]

Workshop Reports

> Reconstructing the Isotopic Composition of Past Precipitation from Continental Archives [p.10]
> Searching for Missing Ice Sheets on the Tibetan Plateau [p.11]
> Atlantic Transect of the European Lakes Drilling Program (AT–ELDP) [p.11]
> EU Advanced Study Course: Holocene Climate Reconstuction [p.12]
> Tephrochronologie et Co-existence Hommes-Volcans [p.13]
> PEP II Meeting [p.13-14]
> The Southeast Asian Dendro Workshop 1998 (SEA Dendro 98) [p.14-15]

Open Highlights

> Darwin on dust at sea [p.16]


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