7 (3): PAGES Timestream 2 - Long Records

Eds: Alverson K & Oldfield F

PAGES news, vol. 7(3), 1-20, 1999


Much of this issue of PAGES news is devoted to the present issue to a variety of long records, each spanning at least one, and usually more than one glacial cycle. The emphasis is perhaps biased towards ‘terrestrial‘ records, partly because they are so diverse in terms of locations, archives and proxies, partly because they refl ect the work of a rather dispersed research community, the combined efforts of which are less often gathered together to illustrate their value and interest.

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> Inside PAGES [p.3]


> PAGES Timestream 2 – Long Records [p.1-2]
F. Oldfield

Science Highlights

> A 0.6 Million Year Pollen Record from the Colombian Andes [p.4-5]
H. Hooghiemstra and R. van't Veer

> The Dadongling Section – a Long High Resolution Record from the West of the Chinese Loess Plateau [p.6-7]
F. Oldfield

> A 300,000 Year Record from Lac du Bouchet, France [p.8]
N. Thouveny

> Southern Ocean Core MD 94–101 [p.9]
C. Waelbroeck

> The high Resolution Paleoenvironmental Record of the Last 101,800 Years from Lago Grande di Monticchio, Italy [p.10-12]
J. R. M. Allen and B. Huntley

> A 800,000 Year Long Record from Owens Lake, California [p.11]
P. Bradbury

> Glacial Modulation of Rapid Climate Change During the Last 0.5 Million Years [p.12-13]
J. McManus, D. Oppo and J. Cullen

> 0.5 Million-Year Pollen Records from Southern Europe [p.14-15]
P.C. Tzedakis, V. Andrieu, J.-L. de Beaulieu, M. Reille, S. Crowhurst, N.J. Shackleton, M. Follieri, D. Magri, H. Hooghiemstra and T.A. Wijmstra

Program News

> Climate in Historical Times [p.18]
> PAGES has a QUEEN [p.19]

Workshop Reports

> Isotopes in Paleoclimate Research [p.3]
> DFG Program [p.15]
> 4th Conference on Asian Marine Geology [p.15]
> PAGES-REDIE Fellowship Week [p.16-17]
> PEP III at the XV INQUA Congress [p.17-18]


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