8 (2): PANASH

Eds: Markgraf V, Oldfield F & Alverson K

PAGES news, vol. 8(2), 1-24, 2000


A special issue on "Paleoclimates of the Northern and Southern Hemispheres" (PANASH), a project which specifically addresses questions of inter-hemispheric mechanisms and coupling of climate and climate change.

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Individual Newsletter Articles


> PANASH [p.1-2]
V. Markgraf

Science Highlights

> PEP I News and Plans [p.6]
G.O. Seltzer

> Historical Solar Variability and Mid- Continent Drought [p.6-7]
Z. Yu and E. Ito

> Reconstructing Latitudinal Shifts of the Southern Westerlies from Marine Sediment Studies along the Chilean Continental Margin [p.8-9]
F. Lamy, D. Hebblen, G. Wefer and M. Marchant

> PEP II News and Plans [p.10]
J. Dodson, G. Zhengtang and J. Brigham-Grette

> Nitrate Concentration in the Guliya Ice Core and Solar Activity [p.11]
W. Ninglian, Y. Tandong and L. Thompson

> Millennial Scale Variability of the East Asian Winter Monsoon Before the Last Glacial-Interglacial Cycle [p.12]
H. Lu, Z. An, K. van Huissteden, G. Nugteren and J. Vandenberghe

> PEP III News and Plans [p.13]
R. Batterbee, C. Stickley and F. Gasse

> SPEP: High-Resolution Stalagmite Records of NE Atlantic Climate in the Last Millennium [p.14]
A. Baker, C. Proctor, S.-E. Lauritzen and J. Lundberg

> Are the North Atlantic and Arctic Oscillations Reflected in Scandinavian Glacier Mass Balance Records? [p.15]
A. Nesje and S. O. Dahl

> Reconstruction of Sea Surface Temperatures in Holocene Times: Coral- Based Studies in the Red Sea and the Western Indian Ocean [p.16-17]
J. Pätzold and C. Dullo

> Late-Glacial and Early-Holocene Climate Reconstructions at Kråkenes Lake, a West Norwegian Point on PEP III [p.17-18]
H.H. Birks

> Last Ice Age Global Ocean and Land Surface Temperatures: The EPILOG Initiative [p.19-21]
R. Schneider, E. Bard and A.C. Mix

Program News

> Integration of Ice-Core, Marine and Terrestrial Records (INTIMATE): A Core Project of the INQUA Commission on Paleoclimate [p.21]

Workshop Reports

> National Swedish IGBP-PAGES Meeting [p.22-23]
> Inter-PEP [p.2-5]

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