9 (3): Mountains

Eds: Kull C, Reasoner M & Alverson K

PAGES news, vol. 9(3), 1-24, 2001


To coincide with The International Year of Mountains (IYM) and the founding of the Mountain Research Initiative (MRI), this issue of PAGES features a collection of articles highlighting paleo research on a range of mountain ecosystems.

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Special Section: Mountains


> The International Year of Mountains (IYM), the Mountain Research Initiative (MRI) and PAGES [p.2]
B. Messerli

Science Highlights

> Alpine Climate Changes as Reconstructed from Speleothems [p.7-8]
S. Frisia and I. Fairchild

> Timberline Paleoecology in the Alps [p.9-11]
W. Tinner and B. Ammann

> Paleoenvironmental Reconstructions for Mountains in the Eurasian Mid-Continent [p.11-13]
T. Blyakharchuk, I. Stefanova, H. E. Wright and B. Ammann

> Changes in Atmospheric Circulation over the South-Eastern Tibetan Plateau over the last Two Centuries from a Himalayan Ice Core [p.14-16]
C.P. Wake, P.A. Mayewski, D. Qin, Q. Yang, S. Kang, S. Whitlow and L.D. Meeker

> The Assessment of Present, Past and Future Climate Variability in the Americas from Treeline Environments [p.17-19]
B.H. Luckman and J.A. Boninsegna

> Paleoecology of Eastern Africa Mountains [p.19-21]
D.O. Olago and E.O. Odada

Program News

> The Mountain Research Initiative and Past Global Changes [p.4-6]

Workshop Reports

> Climate and Environment during the Last Deglaciation and the Holocene in NW Russia and around the Baltic [p.22]
> Past Climate Variability Through Europe and Africa [p.23]

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