Meeting products

Outputs from international workshops, conferences, and meetings sponsored by PAGES.

Abstract volumes of PAGES meetings.
Reports on PAGES sponsored workshops, not published in PAGES Magazine.
Posters and presentations from PAGES meetings.
Other outputs from PAGES meetings.
Name Author Journal Year Image
IDEAL - An International Decade for the East African Lakes - Workshop Report
Workshop reports
PAGES 1990
IGBP-SCOR Workshop: Ocean acidification - modern observations and past experiences
Workshop reports
Kiefer T PAGES News 2006
Paleomonsoons in Africa / PAGES in Africa
Workshop reports
PAGES Report 1994
Climatic Impact of Explosive Volcanism
Workshop reports
PAGES Workshop Report 1996
PAGES 1st Young Scientists Meeting and 3rd Open Science Meeting
Workshop reports
Phipps SJ, Gergis J & Petherick L Quaternary Australasia 2009
XVIII INQUA Congress 21st-27th July 2011, Bern, Switzerland
Quaternary International 2012
QRA Annual Disucssion Meeting: ‘Quaternary Science & Society’
Workshop reports
Davies K, Mackay H & Pogue S Quaternary Newsletter 2012
Report: 12th International Workshop on Subfossil Chironomids
Workshop reports
Maddison E Quaternary Newsletter 2013
INQUA: Varves Working Group
Workshop reports
Besonen M, Francus P, Ojala A, Behl R & Zolitschka B... Quaternary Perspective 2011
Tree rings tell of Angkor's dying days
Workshop reports
Stone R Science 2009
3rd Varves Working Group Workshop Abstract Volume
Terra Nostra 2012
Atmospheric CO2, ocean acidification, and ecological changes in planktonic calcifying organisms
Workshop reports
Ziveri P, Fabry V, Bijma J, Turk D, Young J, Schmidt D, Brownlee C, Erez J, Kiefer T, Turley C & Eis... The Eggs 2007
The first INQUA-PAGES Conference for Early-Career Researchers 2018
Workshop reports
Eduardo Alarcon The INQUA Newsletter - Quaternary Perspectives 2018
A forward modeling approach to palaeoclimatic interpretation of peat cores – 1801P
Workshop reports
Loisel J & Gallego-Sala A The INQUA Newsletter - Quaternary Perspectives 2018
The Darkening Sea
Other meeting products
Kolbert E The New Yorker 2006