4th Polar Marine Diatom Workshop - Presentations

Meeting participants

, 2013

Presentations from the 4th Polar Marine Diatom Workshop, a PAGES sponsored workshop held in Cardiff, UK from 4 - 9 August 2013.

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Taxonomy and Ecology Microscope Sessions

Armand: Modern fossil diatoms of the Kerguelen Plateau region (Subantarctic)
Hendry: Diatoms in the high latitude North Atlantic during the last deglacial
Minzoni: Glacial expression of Late Holocene climate events in the northern Antarctic Peninsula: a regional study using sedimentology & diatoms as paleoenvironmental indicators
Stroynowski: Sea ice & ice free assemblages from the Bering Sea: the Middle Pleistocene Transition
Nair: Morphological variations of Trigonium arcticum (Brightwell) Cleve (Bacillariophyceae) from the surface sediments of Prydz Bay, East Antarctica
Allen: Giant diatoms from the Antarctic Peninsula
Jordan: Diatoms from the Middle Eocene Arctic Ocean
Caissie: Arctic & Subarctic Fragilariopsis species
Barcena: Paleoceanography & sea-ice evolution during MIS5 at Drygalski Basin (Ross Sea, Antarctica). Eucampia antarctica on core AS05-10
Leventer/Crawford: Iceberg Alley/ Perseverance Drift - Corethron
Harwood: Deep-time perspectives of polar marine diatoms
Majewska: Epiphytic diatoms from Antarctic coastal waters
Jerzak: Changes in Antarctic marine phytoplankton communities – preliminary results on studies of historical & temporal material from the Admiralty Bay (King George Island, South Shetland Islands)
Shukla: Diatom size variability from the Southern Ocean: Implications for past climatic changes
Ravichandran: Diatom occurrence & distributions from a semiarid region - Indian Subcontinent
Tolotti: Wilkes Land & Eastern Ross Sea Pleistocenic-Holocenic diatom records: a paleoenviromental reconstruction for some climatic & oceanographic implications


Taxonomy and Ecology Talks

Kim: A long-term of paleoproductivity change during the Holocene in the Adélie Basin, East Antarctica
Mejía: δ13C of opal-bound organic matter & opal boron content in fossil diatoms of different sizes & geometries
Hoff: Sea surface temperature & sea-ice reconstructions of the past ~130 ka off Faroe Islands (Nordic seas) based on (polar) marine diatoms
Vermeulen: Spatial & temporal comparisons of sea ice algal communities in the Ross Sea, Antarctica
Bhadury: Intron patterns in diatom genomes – evolutionary & environmental implications
Crawford: The genus Corethron, its spines and biology
Karentz: Initiation of a spring Corethron bloom in near coastal waters of the Antarctic Peninsula (2011)
Beszteri: Southern Ocean pelagic diatom taxonomy and biogeography: ongoing activities at the Hustedt Diatom Study Centre
Warnock: Light & scanning electron microscope assessments of diatom preservation

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