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Editorial: PAGES Timestream 2 - Long Records
PAGES Magazine articles
Oldfield F PAGES news 1999
Editorial: Termination I in Central Europe
Special issue articles
Andres W & Litt T Quaternary International 1999
7 (2): REDIE
PAGES Magazine issues
PAGES news 1999
Termination I in Central Europe
Special issues
Quaternary International 1999
Northern Hemisphere average surface temperature
PowerPoint slides
Mann et al. 1999
Paleoclimate Modeling - precipitation over Africa
PowerPoint slides
Joussaume et al. 1999
CO2 record from Taylor Dome Antarctica
PowerPoint slides
Indermühle et al. 1999
Annual records of tropical systems
PowerPoint slides
Dunbar R and Cole J eds. 1999
4 glacial cycles recorded in the Vostok ice core
PowerPoint slides
Petit JR et al. 1999
Bio- and chronostratigraphy of the lateglacial in the Eifel region, Germany
Special issue articles
Litt T & Stebich M Quaternary International 1999
Lateglacial calendar year chronology based on annually laminated sediments from Lake Meerfelder Maar, Germany
Special issue articles
Brauer A, Endres C & Negendank JFW Quaternary International 1999
Varve chronology and palynology of the Lateglacial in Northwest Germany from lacustrine sediments of Hämelsee in Lower Saxony
Special issue articles
Merkt J & Müller H Quaternary International 1999
Evolution and environmental impacts of the eruption of Laacher See Volcano (Germany) 12,900 a BP
Special issue articles
Schmincke H-U, Park C & Harms E Quaternary International 1999
Paleo-environment and radiocarbon calibration as derived from Lateglacial/Early Holocene tree-ring chronologies
Special issue articles
Friedrich M, Kromer B, Spurk M, Hofmann J & Kaiser KF... Quaternary International 1999
7 (1): Lakes
PAGES Magazine issues
PAGES news 1999
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