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PAGES 4th OSM 2013 Plenary presentation: Martin Visbeck
Visbeck M 2013
Accurate dating of Gallipoli Terrace (Ionian Sea) sediments: Historical eruptions and climate records
Open Highlights
PAGES Magazine articles
Vivaldo G, Taricco C, Alessio S & Ghil M PAGES news 2009
Detailed mineralogical evidence for two nearly identical glacial/deglacial cycles and Atlantic water advection to the Arctic Ocean during the last 90,000 years
Special issue articles
Vogt C, Knies J, Spielhagen RF & Stein RF Global and Planetary Change 2001
Dendrogeomorphic reconstruction of past snow avalanche events in Bâlea glacial valley–Făgăraş massif (Southern Carpathians), Romanian Carpathians
Special issue articles
Voiculescu M, Onaca A & Chiroiu P Quaternary International 2016
Widespread rapid event 8200 years ago
PowerPoint slides
von Graffenstein et al. 1998
The backbone of PAGES 2k: data management and archiving
Program News
PAGES Magazine articles
von Gunten L, Anderson DM, Chase B, Curran M, Gergis J, Gille EP, Gross W, Hanhijärvi S, Kaufman DS,... PAGES news 2013
Indian Monsoon and Holocene Climate Variability
Workshop Reports
PAGES Magazine articles
von Rad U PAGES news 2004
Annual to Millennial Monsoonal Cyclicity Recorded in Holocene Varved Sediments from the NE Arabian Sea
Special issue articles
von Rad U, Lückge A, Berger WH & Doose-Rolinski H Journal of the Geological Society of India 2006
A Review of the South American Monsoon History as Recorded in Stable Isotopic Proxies Over the Past Two Millennia
Special issue articles
Vuille M, Burns SJ, Taylor BL, Cruz FW, Bird BW, Abbott MB, Kanner LC, Cheng H & Novello VF... Climate of the Past: Special Issue 2012
Development of modern forest zones in the Beskid Niski Mts. and adjacent area (Western Carpathians) in the late Holocene: A palaeobotanical perspective
Special issue articles
Wacnik A, Nalepka D, Granoszewski W, Walanus A, Madeyska E, Cywa K, Szczepanek K & Cieślak E... Quaternary International 2016
We have some work ahead of us, but that’s normal: Studying the past to predict the future
Blog Articles
Wade A Future Earth Blog 2017
Constraints on surface seawater oxygen isotope change between the Last Glacial Maximum and the Late Holocene
Journal articles
Waelbroeck C, Kiefer T, Dokken T, Chen M-T, Speroe HJ, Jung S, Weinelt M, Kucera M & Paul A, on beha... Quaternary Science Reviews 2014
Sea-level and deep water temperature changes derived from benthic foraminifera isotopic records
Special issue articles
Waelbroeck C, Labeyrie L, Michel E, Duplessy JC, McManus JF, Lambeck K, Balbon E & Labracherie M... Quaternary Science Reviews 2002
A global compilation of late Holocene planktonic foraminiferal ∂18O: relationship between surface water temperature and ∂18O
Special issue articles
Waelbroeck C, Mulitza S, Spero H, Dokken T, Kiefer T & Cortijo E... Quaternary Science Reviews 2005
Holocene environmental history of western Ymer Ø, East Greenland, inferred from lake sediments
Special issue articles
Wagner B & Melles M Quaternary International 2002
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