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This database contains publications, meeting products and outreach material emerging from PAGES activities.

It is a requirement that all products listed here acknowledge PAGES, a PAGES working goup or a meeting supported by PAGES.

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Latest entries
Name Author Journal Year Image
Spotted, striped or brown? Taphonomic studies at dens of extant hyaenas in eastern and southern Africa
Special issue articles
Fourvel J-B, Fosse P & Avery G Quaternary International 2015
The impact of paleoclimate, geologic history, and human influence on the evolution of East African cichlids
Special issue articles
Twesigye CK Quaternary International 2015
An updated database of Holocene relative sea level change in NE Aegean Sea
Journal articles
Vacchi M, Rovere A, Chatzipetros A, Zouros N & Firpo M... Quaternary International 2014
Historic global biomass burning emissions for CMIP6 (BB4CMIP) based on merging satellite observations with proxies and fire models (1750–2015)
Special issue articles
van Marle MJE, Kloster S, Magi BI, Marlon JR, Daniau A-L, Field RD, Arneth A, Forrest M, Hantson S, ... Geoscientific Model Development 2017
An extended Arctic proxy temperature database for the past 2,000 years
Journal articles
McKay NP & Kaufman DS Scientific Data 2014
Globale Temperaturvariabilität der letzten 2000 Jahre
Articles & flyers
Wanner H & Grosjean M Physik in unserer Zeit 2014
PAGES overview highlighting the Polar Programs
Posters & presentations
Climate change during the last glacial inception
PowerPoint slides
Sirocko et al. 2005
Pollen-based quantitative reconstructions of Holocene regional vegetation cover (plant-functional types and land-cover types) in Europe suitable for climate modelling
Journal articles
Trondman AK, Gaillard M-J, Mazier F, Sugita S, Fyfe R, Nielsen AB, Twiddle C, Barratt P, Birks HJB, ... Global Change Biology 2015
PAGES Solar Forcing Working Group 2nd workshop - Presentations and posters
Posters & presentations
Meeting participants 2014
Editors Choice - Climate Science: Refreshing CLIMAP
Articles & flyers
Jesse Smith H Science Magazine 2009
Statistical modeling of southern ocean marine diatom proxy and winter sea ice data: Model comparison and developments
Journal articles
Ferry AJ, Prvan T, , Jersky B, , Crosta X & Armand LK... Progress in Oceanography 2015
Climate change and human impact in Central and South America over the last 2000 years
Special issues
Climate of the Past 2015
Multi-century lake area changes in the Southern Altiplano: a tree-ring-based reconstruction
Special issue articles
Morales MS, Carilla J, Grau HR & Villalba R Climate of the Past 2015
Climatic variability and human impact during the last 2000 years in western Mesoamerica: evidence of late Classic (AD 600–900) and Little Ice Age drought events
Special issue articles
Rodríguez-Ramírez A, Caballero M, Roy P, Ortega B, Vázquez-Castro G & Lozano-García S... Climate of the Past 2015
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