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PAGES 5th OSM and 3rd YSM

Preparations are well underway for PAGES’ flagship event, the Open Science Meeting and associated Young Scientists Meeting, to be held in Zaragoza, Spain, in May 2017.

The YSM runs from 7-9 May and the selection process is competitive. The OSM runs from 9-13 May. Following an open call, 33 sessions have been chosen.

Read more and register:

The social media hashtag for both events will be #PAGES17.

New PAGES domain

Following the end of the International Geosphere-Biosphere Programme (IGBP) in December 2015, PAGES’ new domain name is We encourage everyone to resave old bookmarks.

New PAGES' working groups

Five new working groups have recently been launched:


Read more about Forest Dynamics, CVAS and Global Paleofire 2 in their Program News articles in this issue, and read about all groups on our website. All PAGES' working groups are open for participation to interested scientists.

PAGES' SSC meeting 2016 and new SSC members

PAGES’ Scientific Steering Committee (SSC) met in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, in May 2016. PAGES’ two-day Central and Eastern Europe Paleoscience Symposium followed the SSC meeting.

At the end of 2016, co-chair Hubertus Fischer and Claudio Latorre finish their tenures, and we take this opportunity to thank them for their commitment throughout their two terms.

We welcome the two new incoming members starting January 2017:

  • Willy Tinner - head of paleoecology at the University of Bern’s Institute of Plant Sciences, Switzerland. His department addresses ecological and climatic questions on annual to millennial time scales and uses quaternary sedimentary sequences (e.g. pollen, macrofossils, charcoal, diatoms, chironomids) and modeling approaches to study the long-term interactions among climate, the biosphere and society. Tinner will also be PAGES' co-chair.
  • Ed Brook - geology program director at the College of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences at Oregon State University, USA. He specializes in paleoclimatology and geochemistry plus ice-core trace gas records, cosmogenic isotopes and extraterrestrial dust.

PAGES at AGU 2016

PAGES' working groups have organized sessions at the AGU Fall meeting in San Francisco this December. For a full list, go to the calendar entry:

Apply for meeting support or suggest a new working group

Each year, PAGES supports many workshops around the world. We also have an open call for new working groups. The next deadline is 10 October 2016. Read more about workshop support and working group proposals here:

Help us keep PAGES' People Database up to date

Have you changed institutions or are you about to move? Please check if your details are current.

Upcoming issues of PAGES Magazine

The next issue of PAGES Magazine will be on climate change and cultural evolution. Contact Claudio Latorre (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) now if you wish to contribute to this issue.


The following issue will be on biodiversity and guest edited by our SSC members Lindsey Gillson (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) and Peter Gell (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). Contact them or the PAGES office if you are interested in contributing.


In general, if you wish to lead a special section of the magazine on a particular topic, contact the PAGES office or speak with one of our SSC members.


2nd QUIGS workshop

18-20 October 2016 - Montreal, Canada

Past land-cover change in Latin America

29-30 October 2016 - Salvador de Bahia, Brazil

1st CVAS workshop

28-20 November 2016 - Hamburg, Germany

Fire and land-cover changes in Europe

5-8 December 2016 - Frankfurt, Germany

PAGES 5th OSM and 3rd YSM

7-13 May 2017 - Zaragoza, Spain

2nd VICS workshop

8 May 2017 - Zaragoza, Spain

Featured products


The final product from the former working group PIGS (now morphed into QUIGS), “Interglacials of the last 800,000 years” is a mammoth undertaking (2016, Rev Geophys 54).

2k Network

• Charpentier Ljungqvist et al. discuss how rainfall patterns have changed during the 20th century compared with the last twelve centuries (2016, Nature 532).

• McKay and Emile-Geay set out their plans for a Linked Paleo Data (LiPD) framework (2016, Clim Past 12).

• Huge media interest surrounded the Euro-Med2k consortium paper on European summer temperatures (2016, Env Res Lett 11).

• Recent temperatures experienced in Australia and New Zealand are warmer than any other 30-year period over the past 1,000 years (Gergis et al. 2016, J Climate 29).


• Editorial by Stockholm Resilience Centre Director Johan Rockström highlights the quality of work done by the PALSEA working group, and PAGES in general. He also discusses the importance of our parent organization Future Earth and summarizes the legacy of the IGBP (2016, Science 351).

• Assessing the impact of fossil corals on studying past sea-level change (Hibbert et al. 2016, Quat Sci Rev 145).

Special Issues from PAGES-supported meetings

• "Mediterranean Holocene Climate, Environment and Human Societies" from a meeting in Greece in 2014 (2016, Quat Sci Rev 136).

• “Understanding Change in the Ecological Character of Internationally Important Wetlands” is the outcome of a 2013 meeting in Australia (2016, Mar Freshwater Res 67).


Where the Greenland Ice Sheet meets the North Atlantic

Icebergs in high summer in Sermilik Fjord, one of the largest fjords in southeast Greenland. Helheim Glacier, which drains into the fjord, has seen some of the highest acceleration of ice velocity recorded across the Greenland Ice Sheet over the past decade (credit C.J. Fogwill).

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