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Comparing estimation techniques for temporal scaling in palaeoclimate time series
Journal articles
Hébert R, Rehfeld K & Laepple T Nonlinear Processes in Geophysics 2021
Past abrupt changes, tipping points and cascading impacts in the Earth system
Journal articles
Brovkin V, Brook E, Williams JW, Bathiany S, Lenton TM, Barton M, DeConto RM, Donges JF, Ganoposki A... Nature Geoscience 2021
Stratigraphic evidence of two historical tsunamis on the semi-arid coast of north-central Chile
Journal articles
DePaolis JM, Dura T, MacInnes B, Ely LL, Cisternas M, Carvajal M, Tang H, Fritz HM, Mizobe C, Wesson... Quaternary Science Reviews 2021
The last interglacial sea-level record of Aotearoa New Zealand
Special issue articles
Ryan DD, Clement AJH, Jankowski NR & Stocchi P Earth System Science Data 2021
A global compilation of U-series-dated fossil coral sea-level indicators for the Last Interglacial period (Marine Isotope Stage 5e)
Special issue articles
Chutcharavan PM & Dutton A Earth System Science Data 2021
Climate pacing of millennial sea-level change variability in the central and western Mediterranean
Journal articles
Vacchi M, Joyse KM, Kopp RE, Marriner N, Kaniewski D & Rovere A... Nature Communications 2021
Climate-driven desertification and its implications for the ancient Silk Road trade
Special issue articles
Dong G, Wang L, Zhang DD, Liu F, Cui Y, Li G, Shi Z & Chen F... Climate of the Past 2021
Archaeology and agriculture: plants, people, and past land-use
Journal articles
de Vareilles A, Pelling R, Woodbridge J & Fyfe R Trends in Ecology & Evolution 2021
Climate indices in historical climate reconstructions: a global state of the art
Special issue articles
Nash DJ, Adamson GCD, Ashcroft L, Bauch M, Camenisch C, Degroot D, Gergis J, Jusopović A, Labbé T, L... Climate of the Past 2021
PAGES e-news vol. 2021, no. 7
A standardized database of Marine Isotopic Stage 5e sea-level proxies on tropical Pacific islands
Special issue articles
Hallmann N, Camoin G, Webster JM & Humblet M Earth System Science Data 2021
The influence of decision-making in tree ring-based climate reconstructions
Journal articles
Büntgen U, Allen K, Anchukaitis KJ, Arseneault D, Boucher E, Bräuning A, Chatterjee S, Cherubini P, ... Nature Communications 2021
A new Holocene sea-level record for Singapore
Journal articles
Chua S, Switzer AD, Li T, Chen H, Christie M, Shaw TA, Khan NS, Bird MI & Horton BP... The Holocene 2021
A data–model approach to interpreting speleothem oxygen isotope records from monsoon regions
Journal articles
Parker SE, Harrison SP, Comas-Bru L, Kaushal N, LeGrande AN & Werner M... Climate of the Past 2021
Marine terraces of the last interglacial period along the Pacific coast of South America (1° N–40° S)
Special issue articles
Freisleben R, Jara-Muñoz J, Melnick D, Martínez JM & Strecker MR... Earth System Science Data 2021
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