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Mid-latitude net precipitation decreased with Arctic warming during the Holocene
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Routson CC, McKay NP, Kaufman DS, Erb MP, Goosse H, Shuman BN, Rodysill JR & Ault T... Nature 2019
Empirical estimate of the signal content of Holocene temperature proxy records
Journal articles
Reschke M, Rehfeld K & Laepple T Climate of the Past 2019
Quantitative indicative significance of pollen assemblages on vegetation coverage in deciduous Quercus forest in the central Loess Plateau, China
Journal articles
Sun YH, Zhang SR, Xu QH, Li YC, Shen W, Wang T, Zhou ZZ & Zhang RC... Science China Earth Sciences 2019
Gauging Quaternary Sea Level Changes Through Scientific Ocean Drilling
Journal articles
Yokoyama Y, Purcell A & Ishiwa T Oceanography 2019
Mediterranean landscape change during the Holocene: synthesis, comparison and regional trends in population, climate and land cover
Journal articles
Roberts N, Fyfe R, Shennan S, Bevan A, Woodbridge J, Palmisano A... The Holocene 2019
Humans take control of Mediterranean fire in driving Holocene diversity changes
Journal articles
Connor S, Vannière B, Colombaroli D, Anderson S, Carrión J, Ejarque A, Gil Romera G, González-Sámper... The Holocene 2019
Long-term trends of land use and demography in Greece: a comparative study
Journal articles
Weiberg E, Bevan A, Kouli K, Katsianis M, Woodbridge J, Bonnier A, Engel M, Finné M, Fyfe R, Yannis ... The Holocene 2019
Tyrrhenian central Italy: Holocene population and landscape dynamics
Journal articles
Stoddart S, Woodbridge J, Palmisano A, Mercuri A-M, Mensing S, Colombaroli D, Sadori L, Magri D, di ... The Holocene 2019
Pollen-inferred regional vegetation patterns and demographic change in Southern Anatolia through the Holocene
Journal articles
Woodbridge J, Roberts N, Palmisano A, Bevan A, Shennan S, Fyfe R, Eastwood WJ, Izdebski A, Ҫakırlar ... The Holocene 2019
Holocene landscape dynamics and long-term populations trends in the Levant
Journal articles
Palmisano A, Woodbridge J, Roberts CN, Bevan A, Fyfe R, Shennan S, Cheddadi R, Greenberg R, Kaniewsk... The Holocene 2019
Prehistoric palaeodemographics and regional land cover change in eastern Iberia
Journal articles
Fyfe RM, Woodbridge J, Palmisano A, Bevan A, Shennan S, Burjachs F, Legarra Herrero B, García Puchol... The Holocene 2019
Disproportionately strong climate forcing from extratropical explosive volcanic eruptions
Journal articles
Toohey M, Krüger K, Schmidt H, Timmreck C, Sigl M, Stoffel M & Wilson R... Nature Geoscience 2019
El Niño–Southern Oscillation variability, teleconnection changes and responses to large volcanic eruptions since AD 1000
Journal articles
Dätwyler C, Abram NJ, Grosjean M, Wahl ER & Neukom R... International Journal of Climatology 2019
Conservation through Biocultural Heritage — Examples from Sub-Saharan Africa
Journal articles
Ekblom A, Shoemaker A, Gillson L, Lane P & Lindholm K-J... Land 2019
Construction of the REACHES climate database based on historical documents of China
Journal articles
Wang PK, Lin K-HE, Liao Y-C, Liao H-M, Lin Y-S, Hsu C-T, Hsu S-M, Wan C-W, Lee S-Y, Fan I-C, Tan P-H... Scientific Data 2018
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