Co-production of knowledge and sustainability transformations: a strategic compass for global research networks

Schneider F, Tribaldos T, Adler C, Biggs R, de Bremond A, Buser T, Jrug C, Loutre M-F, Moore S, Norström AV, Paulavets K, Urbach D, Spehn E, Wülser G & Zondervan R

Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability, vol. 49, 127-142, 2021

Six of the investigated global research networks are officially endorsed Global Research Projects of Future Earth (GLP, GMBA, PAGES, biodiscovery, PECS, ESG); one is a regional network of one of them (SAPECS); one is a partner of Future Earth (MRI); two are special initiatives of the Future Earth founding members ICSU and ISSC that are aimed at strengthening the Future Earth initiative (LIRA 2030, T2S); and one is an independent network collaborating with Future Earth (ITD Alliance).

Additional information

Scientific publication on the network compass presented in the workshop

Practical guidelines showing how the network compass can be applied in practical terms, entitled "Finding ways to sustainability through the 'network compass'"

Blog post on the ISOE website, entitled "Navigating towards sustainability: how research networks can make a difference using the 'network compass'"

Blog post on the ISC website

Scientific publication on the game played during the workshop

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