Long Term Hillslope and Fluvial System Modelling

Concepts and Case Studies from the Rhine River Catchment

Eds: Lang A, Dikau R & Hennrich K

Lecture Notes in Earth Sciences, vol. 101, 2003Publisher:


Number of pages: 246

This study is a contribution by the PAGES LUCIFS Working Group.

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Modelling the evolution of human-impacted fluvial systems over longer periods and larger spatial scales was the topic of a workshop held in Düsseldorf, Germany from 4–6 May, 2001.

The workshop aimed to bring modellers with experience in the development and use of conceptual, theoretical and mathematical models for larger scales together with researchers looking at long-term system development from a more classical and empirical research perspective. The workshop provided an opportunity to exchange ideas and laid the foundations for further collaboration, and in fact for this publication.

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