Climate indices in historical climate reconstructions: a global state of the art

Nash DJ, Adamson GCD, Ashcroft L, Bauch M, Camenisch C, Degroot D, Gergis J, Jusopović A, Labbé T, Lin K-HE, Nicholson SD, Pei Q, del Rosario Prieto M, Rack U, Rojas F & White S

Eds: White S, Pei Q, Kiss A, Brazdil R, Bauch M, Huhtamaa H & Camenisch C

Climate of the Past, vol. 17(3), 1273–1314, 2021

This paper is a contribution to the PAGES CRIAS working group. CRIAS meetings in Bern (2018) and Leipzig (2019) led to the conception and subsequent development of this publication. It is also part of the group's special issue "International methods and comparisons in climate reconstruction and impacts from archives of societies"

Category: Special issue articles