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Dr. Diogo Spinola

Institute of Geography
University of Tübingen
72070 Tübingen


  ECN Member

Expertise & Interests

PAGES interests        ECN, Dust Impact - DICE, Global Paleofire, Global Soil and Sediment - GloSS, PAGES-PMIP group on Quaternary Interglacials - QUIGS
Topics        Biogeochemical processes, Carbon cycle, Climate dynamics, Fire, Warmer Worlds
Timescales        Holocene, Neogene, Paleogene, Pleistocene
Regions        Antarctic region, Arctic, Europe, South America
Archives        Fluvial deposits, Geomorphology, Soil
Sector        Academia / Education, Research
Discipline        Geochemistry, Geomorphology, Sedimentology
Computers        ArcGIS, Python
Laboratory        Geochemistry, Grain-size, Isotopes, Magnetic susceptibility, XRF



Spinola, D.N., Portes, R. de C., Srivastava, P., Torrent, J., Barrón, V., Kühn, P., 2017. Diagenetic reddening of Early Eocene paleosols on King George Island, Antarctica. Geoderma 315, 149–159. doi:10.1016/j.geoderma.2017.11.010

Spinola, D.N., Pi-Puig, T., Solleiro-Rebolledo, E., Egli, M., Sudo, M., Sedov, S., Kühn, P. 2017. Origin of clay minerals in Early Eocene volcanic paleosols on King George Island, Maritime Antarctica. Scientific Reports 7, 6368. doi: 10.1038/s41598-017-06617-x

Spinola, D.N., Portes, R. de C., Schaefer, C.E.G.R., Solleiro-Rebolledo, E., Pi- Puig, T., Kühn, P., 2017. Eocene paleosols on King George Island, Maritime Antarctica: Macromorphology, micromorphology and mineralogy. Catena 152, 69–81. doi:10.1016/j.catena.2017.01.004

Portes, R. de C., Spinola, D.N., Santiago, J., Carlos, J., Marciano, L., Inácio, E., Filho., Kühn, P., Schaefer, C.E.G.R., 2016. Pedogenesis across a climatic gradient in tropical high mountains , Cordillera Blanca — Peruvian Andes. Catena 147, 441–452. doi:10.1016/j.catena.2016.07.027

Karoline, K., Souza, D., Schaefer, C.E.G.R., Nogueira, F., Simas, B., Spinola, D.N., Paula, M.D., 2014. Soil formation in Seymour Island, Weddell Sea, Antarctica. Geomorphology 225, 87–99. doi:10.1016/j.geomorph.2014.03.047