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Dr. Mark Grosvenor

Postdoctoral Research Associate
Department of Geography
King's College London
Bush House (NE wing)
30 Aldwych
WC2B 4BG London


  ECN Member

Expertise & Interests

Overview / specialty        Palaeofire reconstructions, contemporary fire ecology (charcoal characteristics), human impact on the landscape through pollen and charcoal analysis
PAGES interests        ECN, Global Paleofire
Topics        Chronology, Fire, Human impacts & interactions
Timescales        Anthropocene (last 100 years), Holocene
Archives        Archaeology, Documentary records, Lake sediments, Peat, Pollen
Sector        Academia / Education, Research
Discipline        Archaeology, Chronology, Geochemistry, Magnetic susceptibility, (Paleo)climatology, (Paleo)limnology, Palynology, Radiocarbon dating, Sedimentology
Laboratory        Charcoal, Grain-size, Magnetic susceptibility, Pollen



Grosvenor, M.J., Jones, R.T., Turney, C., Charman, D.J., Hogg, A.G., Coward, D., Wilson, R. (2017) Human activity was a major driver of the mid-Holocene vegetation change in southern Cumbria: Implications for the elm decline in the British Isles. Journal of Quaternary Science 32(7) 934-945.

Turney, C., Jones, R., Phipps, S., Thomas, Z., Hogg, A., Fogwill, C., Palmer, J., Bronk Ramsey, C., Adolphi, F., Muscheler, R., Hughen, K., Staff, R., Grosvenor, M., Golledge, N., Rasmussen, S., Hutchinson, D., Haberle, S., Lorrey, A., Boswijk, G., Cooper, A., Kershaw, P. (2017) Rapid global ocean-atmosphere response to Southern Ocean freshening during the last glacial, Nature Communications 8(520) 1-9.

Orme, L.C., Charman, D.J., Reinhardt, L., Jones, R.T., Mitchell, F.J.G., Stefanini, B.S., Barkwith, A., Ellis, M.A., Grosvenor, M. (2017) Past changes in the North Atlantic storm track driven by insolation and sea-ice forcing, Geology 45(4): 335-338.

Belcher, C., New, S., Santin, C., Doer, S., Dewhirst, R., Grosvenor, M., Hudspith, V. (accepted) What can charcoal reflectance tell us about energy release in wildfire and the properties of pyrogenic carbon? Frontiers in Earth Science