Spanish funding success

csic ibcc lo2k fig 19PAGES congratulates 2k Network coordinator Belen Martrat on the recently announced success of her Spanish funding proposal.

Martrat's successful I-LINK proposal, through the national scientific research council (CSIC), is for the IBCC-lo2k project (IBerian Climate Change paleoarchive - synthesis and stewardship of land-ocean data, taking the past 2000 years (2k) as a reference).

The common objective of the project is to synthesize and preserve the climate measurements of the past, integrating land and ocean data of the Iberian region, taking the historical period (last 20 centuries) and beyond as a reference to connect with the instrumental data, in a global context of climate change.

Detailed synthesis and stewardship of land-ocean data of the Iberian region, together with instrumental observations, provide clues to the natural versus anthropogenic progression of the present warm period.

PAGES is one of the principal investigators for the project, along with Nerilie Abram, Darrell Kaufman, Luke Skinner, Chronis Tzedakis, Laia Comas Bru and Adi Torfstein.

The IBCC-lo2k project has strong ties with PAGES' activities, mainly the 2k Network, SISAL and the Data Stewardship Integrative Activity. The project will contribute to PAGES' international activities, despite its local focus on the Iberian Peninsula.

Climate modes of variability in the Iberian Peninsula will be discussed at the upcoming PAGES-supported CLIMOVAR workshop in September in Barcelona, Spain.

PAGES encourages other community members to seek additional external funding sources and hopes this success story provides inspiration for your own future funding applications.

For further information about IBCC-lo2k or the planned discussions at the CLIMOVAR workshop, contact Belen Martrat.