Welcome to PAGES

The PAGES (Past Global Changes) project is an international effort to coordinate and promote past global change research. The primary objective is to improve our understanding of past changes in the Earth system in order to improve projections of future climate and environment, and inform strategies for sustainability. ... more

PAGES, a registered association for scientific research and networking, is open and inclusive to all scientists interested in past global changes. Science within PAGES is conducted by working groups, which are open to all paleoscientists working on the topic. Get involved by contacting the working group leaders, signing up to mailing lists, and attending teleconferences and/or workshops.

PAGES is funded by the Swiss Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Sciences, and supported in-kind by the University of Bern, Switzerland. For administrative purposes, it is part of the Oeschger Centre for Climate Change Research (OCCR). PAGES is a Global Research Project of Future Earth, a scientific partner of WCRP, and a partner of WDS-Paleo.

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