Asia2k timeline
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Mount Bromo, Java, Indonesia. Image courtesy of num_skyman at

The Asia2k regional group was established as part of the PAGES 2k Network, which consists of nine regional working groups.

It aims to achieve a better understanding of regional climate variability during the last two millennia in Asia.

In the next phase, Asia2k aims to get more scientists (particularly early-career) involved in its work. It is encouraging a workshop to be held each year, so that more scientists can understand the progress and key issues to be solved by the group. Group members will be encouraged to be part of the international 2k Network effort by contributing their new published data and collect more data for Asia regional temperature and precipitation reconstructions


1) Collection of temperature data according to the 2k Network selection criteria

2) Collection of precipitation data according to the 2k Network selection criteria

3) Produce a new 2k multi-proxy spatial temperature reconstruction

4) Produce a new 2k multi-proxy spatial precipitation reconstruction

5) Compare reconstructions and model simulations


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This group is open to anyone who is interested, to participate contact the group Chair, Prof. GE Quansheng.