Open Science Conference on Isotopes of Carbon, Water, and Geotracers in Paleoclimate Research

26.08 - 28.08.2013
Bern, Switzerland
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Isotopes are the focus of intense research. This conference will bring together observationalists and modelers to exchange their latest insights on the opportunity isotopes offer to quantitatively understand physical and biogeochemical processes and to unravel past and modern climate change. The conference will reach across the disciplines to bring together scientists who work on different climate archives and focus on physical or biogeochemical processes and couplings.

Scope of the conference

Much progress has been made in recent years to reconstruct isotopic composition in ocean sediments, ice cores, tree rings, speleothems and other archives. Improved proxy records that extend the previous scope in spatial and temporal resolution are emerging. At the same time, isotopes are increasingly implemented as a standard module in comprehensive Earth System Models and in Earth System Models of Intermediate Complexity. It appears thus timely to bring together specialists from the data and the modeling communities to integrate information across Earth System components and scientific disciplines. The meeting will discuss and synthesize emerging results, and highlight issues that are key priorities for future progress to use the full potential of isotopes in understanding the climate of the past.


- Asfawossen Asrat (Addis Ababa, ET)
- Esther Brady (Boulder, USA)
- Hai Cheng (Xian, CN)
- Hubertus Fischer (Bern, CH)
- Fortunat Joos (Bern, CH)
- Takuro Kobashi (Tokyo, JP)
- Valerie Masson-Delmotte (Gif-sur-Yvette, FR)
- David Noone (Boulder, USA)
- Delia Oppo (Woods Hole, USA)
- Bette Otto-Bliesner (Boulder, USA)
- Johannes Rempfer (Bern, CH)
- Gavin Schmidt (New York, USA)
- Thomas Stocker (Bern, CH)
- Claire Waelbroeck (Gif-sur-Yvette, FR)

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