1st LBA Science Steering Committee meeting

31.03 - 02.04.1997  
Sao Jose dos Campos, Brazil
Workshop report: 
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The 1st LBA Science Steering Committee meeting (Large scale Biosphere-Atmosphere experiment in Amazonia) addressed key questions, such as, How does Amazonia currently function as a regional entity? How will changes in land use and climate affect  the biological, chemical and physical functions of Amazonia, including the sustainability of development in the region and the influence of Amazonia on global climate?

The LBA is divided in six general areas: Physical Climate (which currently included the paleoclimate studies); Carbon Storage and Exchange; Biogeochemistry; Atmospheric Chemistry; Land Surface Hydrology and Water Chemistry; Land Use and Land Cover.

The LBA has been endorsed by IGBP as the first Integrated Global Change Science Project.