Climate change in Africa: Evidence, Mechanisms and Impacts, Past and Present

06.11 - 11.11.2017  
Marrakesh, Morocco
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Matthieu Carré, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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The PAGES-supported conference/workshop "Climate change in Africa: Evidence, Mechanisms and Impacts, Past and Present" will be held in Marrakesh, Morocco, from 6-11 November 2017.


The conference will take place at the University Cadi Ayyad (UCA).


The event is limited to 100 people. Any scientist working in these fields, and willing to contribute, is welcome.


Nowhere is the need for climate change assessment more urgent than in Africa. The continent combines the most climate vulnerable societies, ecosystems, and agrosystems on Earth, with the largest uncertainties in 21st century climate predictions. Yet, a vibrant scientific community is making fast advances in a broad range of environmental sciences.

The objective of this international workshop, hosted by the University of Marrakesh, Morocco, one year after the COP22, is to bring together African scientists and their international peers from complementary fields to build long-term synergies between climatology and ecology, millennial scale and modern observations, modelled and observational data, in global and African contexts.

During three days of scientific sessions and discussions, followed by a two-day field excursion to the Moroccan desert and oases, the current progress on short and long-term trends in African climate will be summarized, as well as the interactions between climate and ecosystems on millennial to seasonal time scales, and the impacts of climate change on forests and crops productivity. The workshop is aimed to be a friendly and interactive experience to foster discussion, synthesis, future research actions, and publications.

Overarching questions

Is the African climate currently within or beyond the pre-industrial natural variability?

How sensitive are African ecosystems and agrosystems to climate change?

Can we quantify the climate-vegetation feedback in Africa?

How is African climate linked to the rest of the world and external forcings?


S1: Climate change mechanisms in Africa
S2: Climate impacts on eco- and agro-systems
S3: Tropical teleconnections and Monsoon systems
S4: The Mediterranean region
S5: Land-Ocean links

Keynote speakers

Pascale Braconnot (LSCE, Paris, France)
Wolfgang Cramer (IMBE, Marseille, France)
Peter DeMenocal (Columbia University, NY, USA)
Lydie Dupont (Marum, Bremen, Germany) ​
Neil Roberts (University of Plymouth, UK)
Enno Schefuss (Marum, Bremen, Germany)


Deadline extended! Submit an abstract before 15 July here:

Field trip

A two-day field trip to the gates of the desert and the Morrocan palm groves will take place 10-11 November. To see images, go to:

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