Future Earth Extremes Initiative: Cross community workshop on Extreme Events and Environments from Climate to Society (E3S)

14.02 - 16.02.2016  
Berlin, Germany

Future Earth Initiative

Cross community workshop on Extreme Events and Environments from Climate to Society (E3S)

The goal of this cross-community/co-design workshop is to identify and elaborate the scientific questions and associated research agendas which are scientifically challenging and of high societal relevance, in line with the goals of Future Earth.

E3S website:


A preliminary agenda can be downloaded at:

Workshop sessions

Towards impact-relevant climate extremes metrics
Session lead: Dr. Jana Sillmann (CICERO), Sebastian Sippel (MPI-BGC)

How to project climate extremes that really matter? A transdisciplinary approach for new narratives of climate extreme impacts in the future earth context
Session lead: Dr. Jakob Zscheischler (ETH Zürich), Dr. Carl-Friedrich Schleussner (Climate Analytics)

Adaptive capacity of coupled socio-ecological systems to absorb climate extremes
Session lead: Dr. Kirsten Thonicke (PIK), Prof. Dr. Michael Bahn (University Innsbruck)

Integrated Governance of Disaster Risk and Financial Uncertainties for Sustainable Development
Session lead: Dr. Qian Ye (Beijing Normal University)

Impact of hydrological and marine extreme events on coastal ecosystems and infrastructures. Adaptation strategies and community resilience
Session lead: Dr. Damià Gomis (IMEDEA), Dr.Sathaporn Monprapussorn (Srinakharinwirot University)

Detecting, understanding and reacting to extreme environmental events: integrating the potential of societal data, citizen science, Earth observation, and novel data analytic approaches
Session lead: Dr. Miguel Mahecha (MPI-BGC); Dr. Claudia Kuenzer, Dr. Ursula Geßner (DLR); Dr. Ilona Otto (PIK)

Further information and descriptions of the workshops can be found at


The workshop sessions will be held in small groups of renowned experts and stakeholders nominated by the workshop chair(s) and further participants suggested via E3S steering committee.

In addition each session will include 2-3 early career scientists; the call for nomination of early career scientists is available at

Deadline to apply: 15 October 2015


The meeting will take place at Harnack-Haus, Ihnestr. 16-20 - 14195 Berlin, Germany

Post-meeting material

Read a Future Earth blog article about the meeting here.